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Fishbones: Version 2

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The next generation of custom concave has arrived...in stunning colors to match the beauty of your ride, your board, and your stoke.

Now made from an extremely durable, sensitive and dynamic material (also compostable and eco-friendly!), slap a couple of these on the side of your foot pads to feel the enormous benefits of being fully locked in while still being able to adjust your foot. Put them on the nose OR the tail of your board. AVOID scary front sensor surgery-like installations. Peel off whenever you want. NO VOIDING OF THE WARRANTY! All at lower cost than other front concave systems available.

Now boasting the lightest front to back (optional, need to purchase Fishkicks) 360 degree concave solution, Version 2 FISHBONES:

- give you crazy amounts of control over your board

- won't break

- won't chip

- NO modification needed, apply directly to grip


- softer than plastics and better for the environment

- doesn't add height to the original footpads

- allows for superior carving

- eliminates speed wobble

- customize or match your float plates, fender, or rail protection

- take drops, bonks, and slides with confidence

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